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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I schedule an eye exam in the first place?


It is recommended that you get an eye exam done at least once every two years.  However, if you've experienced any of the following, we highly suggest scheduling an eye exam with one of our optometrists as soon as possible:

Changes in vision

Blurred or fuzzy vision

Eye pain or strain

Extreme or recurring headaches

Seeing black or gray spots

In addition to the comprehensive eye examination, an optometrist will discuss any of these changes with you to determine whether additional treatment is needed.  


What should I have ready for an eye exam?

If you’re a new patient, please arrive 5-10 minutes to your appointment to complete patient paperwork. It’s also helpful to bring a copy of your most recent prescription from your previous provider.

If you're an established patient, please arrive 5-10 minutes to your appointment to complete patient paperwork if you have not updated your information for more than 4 years. 

You can also bring your current eyeglasses and/or a box of contact lenses for each eye showing your prescription on the label.

If you have vision insurance, please provide the information when you schedule the appointment. Our staff will verify your benefits before you come.

How do I get my prescription for eyeglasses?

You'll receive a prescription for eyeglasses following your exam. We can also email your prescription to you if you want to keep a digital copy.

How Often Do I Need a Contact Lens Exam? 

Contact lens prescription length may vary, but regardless of the expiration date, an annual eye exam is always recommended to ensure the health of your eyes.

Why Does a Contact Lens Exam Cost More Than a Glasses Exam?

 You’ll get all the same great benefits of an exam for eyeglasses, but a contact lens exam also includes other diagnostic tests that help determine what lenses are right for you. Yes, contact lenses actually come in different sizes.

How do I get my prescription for contact lenses?

With your new prescription, you'll receive a trial pair and must return for a diagnostic evaluation after you’ve been wearing them for a short period. This follow-up visit is essential to evaluate how you are seeing, and how well the contact lenses fit your eyes.

 Contact lens prescriptions will be released after the evaluation when your optometrist is confident they are the best option for you. 

Why Should I Consider Buying an Annual Supply for Contact Lenses?

Purchasing an annual supply will help in two ways: it will save you money, and it will help ensure your eye health. If you always have a supply of contact lenses, you're more likely to wear your contact lenses for  the recommended period. Wearing your contact lenses longer than recommended is not good for your eye health.  
Plus, you might receive up to $200 rebate for annual supply. So, it is perfect for both your wallet and your health.

​What frame options do you have in office?

We carry a variety of frame styles from popular name brands to suit your individual tastes. These include:

What insurance does your office accept?

We accept the following PPO insurance:  VSP, Eyemed Vision Care, MES Vision, Alameda Alliance.

I don't have insurance, what is the fee for the comprehensive eye exam and contact lens exam?

The comprehensive eye exam will be $151.00 and the contact lens exam start at $135.00 for first-time wearers 3and $75 for previous wearers.


Do you have any budget option for glasses? 

We do have Special Frame and Lens Package:

Single Vision $175.00

Bifocal $200.00

Progressive $275.00

All the lenses will be Polycarbonate with Anti-Reflective Coating, the frame will be from our special selection.

Kate Spade

Juicy Couture


Calvin Klein

Rag & Bone

Tom Ford

Jimmy Choo

Nine West


Carolina Herrera







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